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LOCK STOCK a.s. is  company from the Czech Republic which has permission to, among other things, conduct fund management services to qualified investors. The company is registered as such under Section 15 of the Act. Well 240/2013 Coll. by Česká národní banka.

our offer


LOCK STOCK offers stable and responsible management of funds of qualified investors

our specialty

Our fund is not offered to the general public. The fund is intended for a limited number of qualified investors and has a limited public offering. Services are provided only individually. The company is registered but not controlled by the Česká národní banka.


We invest in what we understand

We generate returns for investors by taking a conservative approach to and preferring gradual growth, rather than taking excessive risks and chasing uncertain profits. Long-term stability is the reason investors repeatedly trust us with their funds.


We always seek to maximize the balance between risk and return in individual positions and across the portfolio. Risk control is a central part of the process. We continuously evaluate our convictions in each equity position. We call it healthy risk-taking.


We continuously evaluate our methods by analyzing the results of our work. Our aim is to become better every day by being responsive to changes in market drivers. Curiosity is a key characteristic for long-term value creation.


Our fund must be a clear and attractive option . We strive to be the best in our niche and transparent to our clients. Of course, we invest in our fund  ourselves along with our clients.