LOCK STOCK a.s. is an independent fund management company from the Czech Republic, which offers fund management services to qualified investors. The main goal of the company is to provide attractive investment products to institutional and private clients, consisting mainly of derivatives. The company manages private foundation and is registered as such under Section 15 of the Act. Well 240/2013 Coll..

Our services are not offered to the general public. The fund is intended for a limited number of investors and has a limited public offering. Services are provided only individually.

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WE are alternative investments

More and more investors are shifting to alternatives to boost returns, generate income, provide diversification from traditional investments and achieve their goals.

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The money we manage is not our own. It belongs to many people – in many different locations – all trying to achieve their most important financial goals. 

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qualified clients on the best terms thanks to our experience and knowledge

Reg# 2018/094774/CNB/570

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Helping them at all income levels invest for their futures.

Individuals and families

Providing choice for those investing for retirement, a new home or a child’s education.

Financial companies

Provide stable cash flow

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The information posted on this site is intended for qualified investors and is of an analytical nature. The information posted on this site is not an advertisement for securities and investments. The information is not a public offer, offer or invitation to invest in funds and / or strategies, purchase or sell securities, make transactions with them, and is not an individual investment recommendation. Financial instruments, information about which is posted on this site, may not suit you, may not correspond to your investment profile, financial situation, investment experience, knowledge, investment goals, attitude to risk and return. Determining the compliance of a financial instrument with investment objectives, investment horizon and risk tolerance is the task and responsibility of the investor. The LOCK STOCK a.s. and employees of the company are not investment advisors and are not responsible for possible losses of the investor in case of investing in the financial instruments mentioned on this website. The information cannot be considered as guarantees or promises of future return on investment. The result of investing in the past does not determine the income in the future. Before making an investment decision, an investor must independently assess the economic risks and benefits, tax and legal consequences of investing, his willingness and ability to accept such risks, or seek advice from his investment adviser.