our story

LOCK STOCK a.s. was founded by financiers and traders. They share a long and distinguished career, each with almost 20 years of experience in international capital markets. They got to know each other and have been part of the same investment team for many years. This well-established team made investment decisions in both ups and downs and were recognized for their excellent work. In 2018, they decided to make the most of their accumulated experience and knowledge and found their own management organization – LOCK STOCK a.s.

The geographic focus of LOCK STOCK a.s. is Europe and the United States, and the fund management style is characterized by flexibility, openness and transparency. Collective competence and a clearly defined company strategy, combined with a prudent approach to fund management, which includes a strict adherence to the rules regarding risk and the sophisticated use of derivatives. All of these factors benefit investors through historical and competitive investment returns.

The name LOCK STOCK is derived from the English word for “lock in”. It reflects our investment approach and our attitude toward risk.

Our business principles

Managing assets is a responsible business. Managing assets for someone else requires even more responsibility. In order to optimize returns for our investors, we adhere to strategies and investment philosophies based on cornerstones:

Common Sense.

LOCK STOCK fund management is characterized by common sense, methodology, experience and simplicity. We strive to optimize risk-adjusted returns for each investment. We also strive to identify and explain what you can expect from each investment in the respective funds, as well as the risks involved.



All asset managers have more than 10 years of experience in the stock market. Our collective competence combined with professional respect for asset management will benefit our investors through very competitive returns on their investments.



The company is the fund manager taking responsibility for the fund’s profitability. Thanks to our organizational model, where all other activities are outsourced, there is transparency of activity and operations on the stock market.



Investing in the fund requires a minimum investment.

Our team

We are a closely-knit team of dedicated finansists with shared values. We are driven by a passion to contribute to a sustainable future and provide return on your investments.

How we work

We base our strategy on time tested and sound principles ensuring that your investments are sustainable and profitable.

Our Edge


Our team has decades of experience investing in alternatives. Superior long term track record in many different market environments.


Rigorous approach to manager selection, portfolio construction, and risk management. Our core belief is that there is only a small number of managers that are worth investing in

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