LOCK STOCK a.s. – provides consulting services focused on pragmatic solutions. We aim to work in partnership with you to create and implement forward-looking solutions that fully meet your needs.

the main areas of consulting are as follows:

  • advising in the field of hedging supplies of oil and other exchange-traded commodities.Hedging is our specialty.;
  • investing in Czech real estate and new buildings in Dubai. Based on the experience of the specialists used by the fund;
  • installation and use of high-tech equipment in the field of construction. Is carried out by esperts in the field of construction, who are involved in the examination of the creation of real estate funds.


We leverage our deep knowledge, experience, and industry-leading projects to create effective solutions.

We are ready to help you meet any challenge.

We understand that all clients are unique, and we know that one approach does not fit all. We believe in customized solutions. We work with clients both large and small, both fully established in the market and newcomers.

While the client may change, our commitment and wealth of experience accumulated through hard work remains the same.

We value long-term partnerships with customers and stakeholders. We seek to work with clients who share our belief in the importance of building strong partnerships over the long term.


The conditions and scope of consultations are the subject of discussion with our specialists.