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Risk Warning

Our funds are a specialty funds pursuant to Section 15 of Investment Companies and Investment Funds Act of Czech Republic. It is the responsibility of every person interested in investing to ensure that the investment takes place in accordance with applicable laws and other regulations. Foreign law may have the effect of preventing investors outside Czechia from investing. LOCK STOCK a.s. has no responsibility whatsoever to verify whether an investment made from outside Czechia takes place in accordance with the laws of the relevant country. The material on this website is directed only at persons in Czechia. Any dispute or claim concerning the fund shall be resolved according to Czech Republic law and exclusively by Czech courts of law. There is no guarantee that an investment in LOCK STOCK a.s. cannot result in a loss. This applies irrespective of otherwise positive performance on the financial markets. Past performance is no guarantee for future results. Information from the fund shall not be considered a recommendation to invest in LOCK STOCK a.s.. Every person considering purchasing units in the funds must make an independent assessment of an investment and the risks associated therewith. An investment in the LOCK STOCK fund should be seen as a long-term investment.


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In many countries the investment fund mentioned in this presentation are subject to restrictions in relation to publication and access via the Internet, marketing, offering and/or selling. Reference is made to the respective prospectus for any details, however, it is the obligation of each person to inform itself about and to obey any restrictions. Thus subjects to any restriction shall not access this presentation. In relation to a particular investment fund, all current versions of all documents in relation to such investment fund shall be considered. All further or additional reservations in such documents apply.