A fund is the funds of our investors, united by a specific investment strategy and the conditions for entering and withdrawing assets from management. The strategy and working conditions of the fund are such that they allow you to earn money by investing in the best way.



The main difference between our funds and other investment funds is that

our funds are not intended for the public.

According to the generally accepted classification in the financial market,

our funds are classified as classic hedge funds.


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Our funds are no more difficult for investors to understand than mutual funds, but give investors access to a wider range of investments, which may be too complicated, impossible, or expensive to manage in mutual funds.

It does not take much effort to invest in our fund. You sign several documents at a time convenient for you and invest in any agreed currency or transfer previously purchased assets along a route convenient for you through reputable financial institutions.

Finding reliable sources of income is becoming increasingly difficult for investors. The absence of significant restrictions in the search for better solutions allows us to maintain an attractive level of income.

Our funds can be borrowed in various ways and at favorable interest rates. Using the mechanism allows customers to get additional benefits in the market, and the use of arbitrage strategies for investments exclude moments when assets may suffer.



Today we offer   funds for investing in


hedge fund arbitráž

composed of highly liquid securities and derivatives. Fund Fundamental Strategy – Stock Arbitration

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personal strategy fund

The fund is formed on the basis of the individual investment strategy of a group of investors.

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Documents for execution of a management contract: provided to a potential investor for review upon request.

A necessary attribute of each of our funds is a KIID document.

KIID’s goal is to help clarify the facts and help you learn more about whether the fund can meet your investment goals. In addition, we recommend that you speak with a financial advisor to discuss some of the following issues:

What is the investment goal of the fund – capital growth, income, or a combination thereof?
What types of securities does the fund invest in, for example, stocks or bonds?
How fluctuated are past earnings?
What are the costs associated with investing in this fund?
All financial investments include an element of risk. Consequently, the value of your investment and the return on it will be different, and the initial amount of your investment cannot be guaranteed. 


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