LOCK STOCK offers investment strategies focused on its own investment funds.


For investors seeking specialized solutions in the field of sustainable investment, algorithmic arbitrage is offered.



Market neutral

The strategy is 100% neutral in relation to the market and forms only fully hedged arbitrage positions. Close to zero correlation with the stock market.


Tested by time

The strategy has had positive results since 2014. The strategy gives the best results for greater volatility, although with directed investment these periods are the most risky.


Low risk

Arbitrage positions are free of market risk, as in traditional long or short strategies. A multi-level risk management system has been implemented.



Algorithmic arbitration funds provide for the creation of a serious infrastructure in close cooperation with major stock brokers and banks. The broker and the bank (as well as the depository) acts as an independent supervisory body protecting the interests of investors.


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Any transaction of a strategy is based on a mathematical calculation of guaranteed profit by an automatic system

(trading robot).


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