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Our Company was founded by a team of traders with extensive experience from the financial sector.
We offer funds management solutions to qualified and institutional clients.. We are impartial and work based on a transparent business model. Our most important task is to understand the needs of our clients and manage their assets accordingly.

The Company manages a private alternative fund and is registered in the List of entities providing services comparable to investment fund management according to Section 15 of the Act. No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment funds („ZISIF“) which is maintained by the Czech National Bank („CNB“). CNB does not supervise neither the company nor its activities. (Reg # 2018/094774/CNB/570). We combine the flexibility of boutique manager with global financial opportunities because of our main partners.


why are we 

Your goals are our goals

We represent your vote, your needs and your investment goals in every decision we make. Our well-being is up to you.

We are passionate about work efficiency

We take on emotional responsibility for every aspect of our work, highly value in-depth expertise and an insatiable appetite for learning.

We are one united team  

We know that working in a narrow circle does not contribute to our better work. We are proud of our decisions, which are the result of ongoing cooperation between our various teams.

We are innovators 

We pride ourselves on our innovation results that drive continuous change to help investors achieve their goals. This culture of innovation has been and remains the foundation of our success.


we specialize

Our company focused on arbitrage strategies. The large spectrum of management for asset classes, including equities, commodities and cash are offered through segregated mandates and pooled funds.
Our investment focus is based on long-term partnerships as well as strategic and operational improvements. We focus on medium-sized investors in Czech Republic and worldwide. We making medium-sized investors grow to big.



Our team have created added value and offered stable strong returns for our clients for many years. We have extensive experience and considerable understanding of arbitrage strategies which are our main focus for investments. Our investment team has demonstrated exceptional performance even during varying market conditions. Our way of managing assets is stabile. Arbitrage strategies give us constant everyday cash flow.


We have created a products similar to synthetic bonds with a short term of payment and high yield. Our solutions has market risk lower than most of bonds because of liquidity and short term. It is crucial for us that all links of the asset management value chain demonstrate maximum reliability to ensure that the clients’ unconditional confidence in asset management. In that case we connect with major financial institutions and banks. Our jurisdiction and CNB authority bring you comfort and confidence.


We trade assets globally

Chicago, New York, London, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Singapore