is a QIF hedge fund, managed by LOCK STOCK a.s.The Fund is for Qualified Investors only.

LOCK STOCK  fund is QIF fund with a global focus primarily in the global derivatives sector.

LOCK STOCK aims, over time and with well-balanced risk-taking, to give investors a positive return on invested capital, regardless of market trends in general. The fund thus focuses on absolute return.

In order to generate absolute returns, the LOCK STOCK fund will work with long and short positions in global options, i.e. a so-called long/short options fund.

The market-neutral approach means that the element of market risk is limited in the fund, and its correlation with the general development of shares and other asset classes is therefore expected to be low over time.


The LOCK STOCK fund is a medium-term fund with excellent income, focusing on option strategies. The fund invests its assets through derivative instruments. The fund has strict exclusion criteria and does not invest in derivatives of companies that operate in the following areas, weapons, alcohol, tobacco and pornography, to name a few. Investments are identified through a rigorous and structured investment process and analysis, and careful discussions are held with company management before any investment is made.


The return is divided into option and interest rate, with an average duration of 1-4 weeks. The return objective is to produce performance well above the benchmark (T-bill) with a much smaller standard deviation than the bond index (T-bond). . Credit risk is spread by investing in options ETFs and other funds with high credit ratings . We select assets based on screeners from major market-data providers and self-written. When investing in currencies other than the Czech crown, we eliminate currency risk by hedging. The historical performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future returns.

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structure of LOCK STOCK fund

The fund consists of a cache of up to 50% of the total funds. The remainder is invested in liquid option strategies in the US and European derivatives market.

The LOCK STOCK fund for qualified investors gives you the opportunity to participate with us in attractive private equity investments and earn above-average returns. Many qualified investors from all over the Czech Republic and abroad are already with us.

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