OUR TEAM has been successfully trading since 2012, and with its results and abilities, it began to attract other investors. Many of them liked the possibility of creating an alternative investment fund in accordance with Section 15 Asset Management, comparable to the Office, Law No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds (ZISIF). This is the Czech alternative, corresponding to the well-known and popular form of collective investment in the USA. This form is characterized by advantages that are often key to money managers. These include easy access, administrative simplicity, low maintenance costs. This is the most comfortable form of collective investment in the Czech legal environment, which suits the vast majority of those interested in wealth management. The law requires the fund to be registered with the ČNB (Czech People’s Bank) and restricts the public offering of the fund’s shares.

LEI  5299007RDE5JD4ZCMB45

TIN CZ06925618

ČNB 2018/094774/CNB/570

LOK STOCK a.s. is a joint stock company established in 2018 in Prague for the purpose of carrying out fund management activities.


More detailed information about us is available in open official sources and is provided at a personal meeting with the Company’s employees.