What are Trading Strategies?

When you invest in a Trading Strategy, our expert traders make  trade decisions on your behalf.

They may take one or many positions with profit expectations.


Our team is engaged in trading in the stock market using a quantum approach. The convenient form of our fund allows you to use all available stock market instruments to generate income with an excellent risk / return ratio. This ratio is present in the most successful hedge funds.

assets we use

Our Team uses, in addition to the usual assets, fixed-term instruments of the stock market. We actively trade options and futures contracts.

3D approach

While classical trading allows you to either buy or sell assets, the use of term instruments gives you the right to create and create complex structures with fine-tuning of risk and return. If we take the image of the classics for 2D, then LOK STOCK works in the 3D trading space. By investing the money of qualified investors, all these miracles are real and affordable.

Our Traders have developed, implemented and trade strategies that are characterized by


The classic buy and hold approach is not used. Income does not depend on the movement of the market. Wherever the price goes, the strategy earns.

Option spreads (combinations) are created that minimize the amount of which we risk, while creating excellent conditions for income.

Arbitrage strategies are used by trading on the basis, which is market neutral – that is, not dependent on the trend in the market.

Since the Company does not advertise its services and does not offer them to the general public, the details and other features of the Investors will learn in the process of personal communication with us.