Addressing Today’s Portfolio Challenges

The strategy has a number of attractive features compared to traditional asset classes and is designed for periods of increased volatility, rising rates and declining equity returns. Generates consistent, stable income regardless of market conditions.

Solution : Sell covered options and generate permanent recurring premium income.


Offer the ability to implement strategy that posses the attractive characteristic of both bonds and stocks

The structure of LOCK STOCK fund:



( up to 50% of assets)

Options costs

Bring premium returns

(20-30% of assets)

The essence of the investment strategy

is to sell covered options. By selling an option we constantly receive income in the form of a premium day after day. At the same time we insure the sale with a deposit or LEAPS. This is the strategy of selling covered ( insured ) options. At the same time we buy volatility of individual assets and indices. We buy at a low level with the expectation of its growth.

Option trades are opened by our experienced option traders based on analyses using premium software (screeners) provided by leading companies and written by us in python.

The advantage of the strategy

Vs. equities

Higher risk / efficiency

Reduced drawdown

Vs. Bonds

Premium Yield

Redused credit/duration

vs. Alternatives

Persistent return premium

Liquid  Cost-effective



Long-term focus

earn returns by collecting option premiums over time rather than by capital appreciation or income (credit / duration)

Invest for profits

Don’t reach for higher premiums when markets are greedy and don’t forgo high premiums when markets are fearful.

Balance risk

Balance market risk vs. financial leverage

Diversity exposure

Path dependence can materially affect investor outcomes


Complicated expensive hedges

Paying up for expensive options or seeking “costless” hedges

Redundant Exposures

Some option strategies maintains offsetting exposures that can prove less effecient


Few, if any, can sustain tactical desicion-making day-over-day option market.


Trading complex structures during periods of extremevolatility caninflict significant loses

The strategy is used by leading hedge funds and is popular with professionals like you.

Smooth significant growth of the fund’s income without drawdowns allows the investor to save nerves, and therefore the most important thing in life – health.